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Patients with diabetes face higher health care costs

July 30, 2015

Patients living with diabetes incur significantly higher health care costs, the majority of which resulted from hospital inpatient stays and prescription costs, compared with people without diabetes, according to recent study findings.

In the retrospective study, Leonard E. Egede, MD, MS, of the Medical University of South Carolina, and colleagues used the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey Household Component (MEPS-HC) to assess a weighted population representing 189,013,514 adults aged 17 years and older from 2002 to 2011. The MEPS offers nationally representative approximations of health care utilization, expenses, payment sources and health insurance coverage for the U.S. civilian community-dwelling population.

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Researchers find nearly 20% of non-obese Chinese adults have NAFLD

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Screening men with erectile dysfunction may detect diabetes

July 30, 2015
Men with erectile dysfunction are more likely to have undiagnosed diabetes compared with those without erectile dysfunction, according to recent study findings…
Janet Liechty In the Journals

Low parental health literacy limits child’s weight-loss options

July 30, 2015
Parents who struggle to understand basic health nutrition information are less likely to turn to recommended weight-loss strategies for their children, including…
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Telephone counseling improves diabetes management among urban adults

July 30, 2015
Urban-area adults with diabetes improved both their HbA1c and diabetes self-management routines following telephone counseling with community-based health educators…
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