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Gestational diabetes in mothers increased childhood obesity risk in daughters

October 24, 2014

Girls exposed to elevated glucose levels, particularly gestational diabetes, while in utero are at an increased risk for obesity in childhood, according to research published in Diabetes Care.

Stronger associations were observed when the mothers also were overweight or obese, researchers at Kaiser Permanente in Northern California reported.

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Children with enterovirus more likely to develop type 1 diabetes

October 23, 2014
Children who have had enterovirus are at increased risk for developing type 1 diabetes compared with children who have not had the virus, according to recent findings…
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Postnatal growth may identify infants genetically predisposed to obesity

October 20, 2014
 Genetic obesity susceptibility appears to be associated with postnatal gains in infant weight and growth, according to a review of medical literature…
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ADA releases position statement on caring for young children with type 1 diabetes

October 16, 2014
Type 1 diabetes care for children aged 5 years or younger requires unique management, according to a recent position statement from the American Diabetes Association…
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