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Maternal hypothyroxinemia predicted poor math skills in offspring

September 30, 2014

Children whose mothers experienced hypothyroxinemia at the end of the first pregnancy trimester may have subnormal performance during math tests, according to research presented at the European Society for Pediatric Endocrinology Annual Meeting.

Hormone tests could help identify students likely to need additional help in their studies, said Martijn Finken, MD, of the VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam.

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Antibiotics during infancy may lead to early childhood obesity

September 29, 2014
Infants exposed to broad-spectrum antibiotics before aged 24 months were more likely to experience early childhood obesity, according to recently published data.L
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Sleep duration, parent BMI, parental food restriction risk factors for child obesity

September 29, 2014
Future childhood obesity prevention efforts should focus on child sleep duration, parental BMI and parental feeding restrictions as important risk indicators, according…
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Combined aerobic, resistance exercise maximized positive outcomes in obese adolescents

September 29, 2014
Obese adolescents who participated in aerobic, resistance or combined exercise decreased their total body fat and waist circumference, according to study findings in…
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Children, adults with autism spectrum disorder at increased risk for hip fracture

September 15, 2014
Adults and children with autism spectrum disorder have lower bone mineral density, putting them at higher risk for…
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