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Prehypertension, hypertension in children drive up health care costs

August 28, 2014

Prehypertension and hypertension in children are having strong effects on healthcare costs, according to research published in The American Journal of Managed Care.

Although BMI was also found to influence costs in the study at integrated health systems in Colorado and Minnesota, the researchers noted that accurate assessment requires adjusting for blood pressure (BP) status.

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Exposure to gestational diabetes increased diabetes, prediabetes risk in offspring

August 26, 2014
Children exposed to gestational diabetes in utero are about six times more likely to develop diabetes or prediabetes compared with those not exposed, according to recent…
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Vitamin A supplementation had no overall effect on child mortality

August 20, 2014
High-dose vitamin A supplementation given to children between the ages of 6 to 23 months at routine vaccination contacts in Guinea-Bissau had no overall effect on…
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Obesity, reduced gonadal function linked in men surviving childhood cancer

August 19, 2014
In boys who have survived cancer, obesity was linked with gonadal dysfunction independent of the effects of treatments previously undergone for the disease, according to…
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Preschool physical activity, nutrition program targets childhood obesity

August 14, 2014
A program targeting physical activity and nutrition, developed for use in preschool settings, resulted in significant…
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