Obesity campaign challenges doctors

Four obesity organizations partnered to launch the TAKE 5 challenge to inspire health care practitioners to have conversations about obesity with their patients.

This challenge came as a part of National Obesity Care Week, which ended on Nov. 5, and promotes comprehensive treatment plans for patients with obesity.

  • TAKE 5 consists of the following challenges for health care practitioners:
  • Take 5 minutes to learn how to talk about obesity;
  • Ask five questions to start a conversation;
  • Known five reasons to address obesity;
  • Engage in five conversations to inspire action; and
  • Pass this challenge on to five of your colleagues.

The program outlines why addressing obesity is important, including the complexity of chronic weight management, the available treatments for obesity and the benefits of even minor weight loss.

Because obesity often goes unaddressed in the health care setting, part of the campaign is to provide resources to practitioners to help begin conversations with patients.

The founding organizations include the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, the Obesity Society, the Obesity Action Coalition and Strategies to Overcome and Prevent Obesity Alliance.

Resources and more information can be found at obesitycareweek.org.