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Business of Endocrinology

Richard Dolinar, MD, writes on the important issues that affect you and your practice.

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Maintenance of Certification or Maintenance of Cash: A call to check the checkers

Richard O. Dolinar, MD

If we use evidence-based medicine, why not evidence-based policy?

Richard Dolinar, MD

Medicare pays too much, not too little

Richard O. Dolinar, MD

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Diabetes Education

Leaders from the American Association of Diabetes Educators share their thoughts on the care of diabetes patients.

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Groups collaborate to launch Asian Diabetes Prevention Initiative

DSMT telehealth services now reimbursed, but work remains

Donna Tomky, MSN, RN, C-NP, CDE

Opportunity of influence: Starting a conversation about weight

Mary M. Austin, MA, RD, CDE, FAADE

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Experts offer opinions on important issues affecting practice.

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Achievement of target LDL particle number leads to fewer CV events

James A. Underberg, MS, MD, FACP, FACPM, FNLA

Diabetes educators empower, guide patients in self-care, freeing physicians for medical management

Joan K. Bardsley, MBA, RN, CDE, FAADE

Vitamin D continues to be scrutinized, poorly understood

Nelson Watts, MD, FACP, MACE, CCD

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Endocrinology of Aging

A physician-written column on treating elderly patients with endocrine disorders.

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Hypertension in the elderly

Carl J. Pepine, MD

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Imaging Analysis

Experts from Boston Medical Center detail important imaging cases.

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Diagnosis and monitoring of an incidental infundibular lesion

Poorani Goundan, MD; Stephanie L. Lee, MD, PhD, ECNU

Comet tail, cat eye and colloid clot artifact found in thyroid nodules

Stephanie L. Lee, MD, PhD, ECNU

Looking at an unusual case of hypercalcemia

Stephanie L. Lee, MD, PhD, ECNU

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Obesity Update

Breaking trends and important information in the treatment of patients who are obese.

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War on obesity takes a hit

Ryan Novosad, PharmD; Sara Brouse, PharmD, FCCP, BCPS, AQ-Cardiology

Weight-loss guidelines aim to curb chronic renal failure

Dara P. Schuster, MD

Ethnic considerations of metabolic syndrome and body composition

Kwame Osei, MD

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Pharmacology Consult

Drug discoveries and developments that affect clinical practice.

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Dapagliflozin offers differences from other SGLT2 inhibitors

James R. Taylor, PharmD, CDE

Guidelines suggest more aggressive initial treatment of type 2 diabetes

James R. Taylor, PharmD, CDE

Intensive lifestyle interventions benefit patients with type 2 diabetes

James R. Taylor, PharmD, CDE

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Fellows' Perspectives

A physician's insights into the fellowship experience.

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The case for fellowship: Why I came back

William Duke

How to get the most out of mentorship

Dina Belachew, MD

Conference survival

Justin A. Indyk, MD, PhD

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Ask the Experts

Answers to common questions about endocrinology.

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What is an endocrinologist?

What is endocrinology?

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