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Diabetes self-management still possible with vision loss

Cover Story

New agents, novel targets show promise for diabetic kidney disease

Diabetes in Real Life

‘Diabulimia’ adds to complexity of diabetes management

In the Journals Plus

NK3R antagonist reduces menopausal hot flash frequency, severity

Stress fracture risk varies by race, sex

Timely medication transitions avoid BMD loss in postmenopausal osteoporosis

Starting metformin reduces risks for CV events, death in type 2 diabetes

Statin use reduces risk for lower-limb amputation in type 2 diabetes, PAD

Obesity influences relationship between CMV infection, metabolic syndrome in women

PTC recurrence similar after hemithyroidectomy, thyroidectomy

Estrogen therapy timing influences age at menarche in Turner syndrome

Daytime, nocturnal hypoglycemia show differences in risk for cardiac arrhythmia in type 1 diabetes

Childhood bone parameters unrelated to mother’s vitamin D status

Anterior pituitary dysfunction common among adults with central diabetes insipidus

Major abnormalities on ECG tied to CVD risk in type 1 diabetes

Adverse pregnancy outcomes tied to elevated TSH levels

Meeting News

Remote training equips rural primary care providers to treat complex diabetes

Removing ‘cancer’ label from low-risk thyroid tumors may address overdiagnosis, overtreatment

Metabolic profile differs between transgender adolescents, teens with PCOS despite testosterone levels

Magnetic brain stimulation associated with microbiota change, weight loss in patients with obesity

Artificial pancreas system safe, effective in young children

Care for transgender children starts with affirmation, safety

Meeting News Coverage

Adrenal vein sampling, CT scanning yield similar outcomes in primary aldosteronism screening


Should SGLT2 inhibitors be used in the treatment of diabetic nephropathy?