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‘Culinary medicine’ integrates food and medicine in promotion of cardiometabolic health

Support, planning key to managing toddlers with type 1 diabetes

Weight control through insulin manipulation may result in ‘diabulemia’

5 Questions

A conversation with Pauline M. Camacho, MD, FACE

Business of Endocrinology

Meaningless use: Electronic health records

Richard O. Dolinar, MD

Cover Story

Despite decades of research, male contraceptives remain years away

Imaging Analysis

Thyroid cancer presenting as autonomous thyroid nodule

Stephanie L. Lee, MD PhD ECNU

In Practice

Tiny pump may be diabetes care game changer

Edward C. Chao, DO

In the Journals

Potassium iodide may reduce congenital anomaly risk in pregnant women with Graves’ disease

Odds are against reaching normal body weight for adults with obesity

One night of sleep loss may affect circadian genes, metabolic response

Outpatient program equally effective in children with morbid obesity

Patients with diabetes face higher health care costs

Low-energy diets result in weight loss, declines in heart rate

Low parental health literacy limits child’s weight-loss options

Levothyroxine absorption unaffected by metformin therapy

New guideline for Cushing’s syndrome recommends tumor removal

Lowest cortisol levels found in women with overweight, mild obesity

Lower-extremity amputation increases mortality risk in diabetes

Reporting of serious AEs to FDA often delayed by drug companies

Taxing sugary drinks based on calorie amounts may encourage healthier choices

Surgery benefits patients with renal disease, primary hyperparathyroidism

Sugary drinks linked to type 2 diabetes, independent of adiposity

Vitamin D offers limited benefits in adolescents with obesity

Vertebral fractures common among children with ALL

Urinary free cortisol measurement most accurate first-line test for Cushing's syndrome diagnosis

Screening men with erectile dysfunction may detect diabetes

Revised guideline stresses family support for children with disorders of sexual development

Resistance, jump training increased BMD in men

Sleeve gastrectomy long-term follow-up revealed weight regain

Sexual dysfunction, subclinical hypothyroidism unrelated

Serum androgen levels elevated in PCOS even after menopause

Bone marrow toxicity limited in most patients after radioiodine therapy for DTC

BMI during first pregnancy influences maternal, fetal outcomes in second pregnancy

CV risk similar for second-line diabetes drugs plus metformin

Familial longevity tied to increased thyroid-stimulating hormone

Diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia increase risk for developing soft arterial plaque

Black adults without metabolic syndrome still at risk for vascular disease

Adolescents see improved mental health after bariatric surgery

Acetaminophen falsely elevates continuous glucose monitor values

Aggressive hormone suppression unnecessary in most thyroid cancers

Amevive preserves beta-cell function in new-onset type 1 diabetes

Alcohol tolerance lowered with RYGB in women

Free thyroxine levels higher in women treated for hypothyroidism

Inhaled insulin therapy reduces HbA1c in poorly controlled type 2 diabetes

Heavy burden of CVD risk factors found with high VAT:SAT ratio

Increased DPP-IV activity predicts osteoporosis in postmenopausal women

Hormone levels of transgender youth consistent with assigned sex

Hyperthyroidism treatment modality does not affect cancer risk

Higher fat mass linked to greater decline in testosterone among men

Glitazone therapy may lower risk for Parkinson’s in adults with diabetes

Heavy smokers, smokers with obesity gain more weight after quitting

International Society for Sexual Medicine offers guidelines for treating testosterone deficiency

Heart fat volume related to menopausal status

Insulin pump treatment reduces CV mortality by nearly half

Meeting News Coverage

Various strategies, activities prevent glycemic extremes in type 1 diabetes during exercise

Electronic ‘smart forms’ provide essential information for diabetes management

Exercise counseling integral component of diabetes education

Self-monitoring blood glucose inspires confidence, control in patients with type 2 diabetes

CDEs should prepare themselves, patients for disasters

Proper foot care, daily foot checks, essential to diabetic health

Smartphones influence adoption of online diabetes education tools