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CDC: New diabetes diagnoses decreased from 2009 to 2014

Increase in juveniles seeking transgender HT spurs need for more research

Business of Endocrinology

The mystery of prescription drug prices

Richard O. Dolinar, MD

Cover Story

‘Food addiction’ may explain why patients overeat despite obesity-related disease

Diabetes in Real Life

Power of the theater can enhance the provider–patient encounter

Drug Pipeline

Endocrinology Drug Update

Imaging Analysis

Incidental hypermetabolic, 18F-FDG-avid thyroid nodule on PET scan

Stephanie L. Lee, MD PhD ECNU

In the Journals

Premenopausal women with idiopathic osteoporosis may need antiresorptive therapy after Forteo

Pancreatic triacylglycerol reduction may improve type 2 diabetes insulin response

Metformin may improve CV risk profile in patients at risk for diabetes

More sitting time at work contributes to weight gain

Moderate-intensity statins may reduce heart failure in type 2 diabetes

Patients report nonadherence, fear of adverse effects with glucocorticoid therapy

Progesterone therapy fails to prevent miscarriage

Taller women at increased risk for fracture

Tailored health goals reduce mortality in women, not men, with type 2 diabetes

Urinary pH linked to renovascular disorder in diabetes

Updated UK diabetes guideline stresses individualized care

Sulfonylurea, warfarin combination may increase serious hypoglycemic events

Sildenafil may improve insulin sensitivity in prediabetes

Weight increase in infants associated with type 1 diabetes

Studies on psychosocial effects after GH treatment for short stature exhibit bias

‘Social jetlag’ raises risk for metabolic disease in healthy adults

Metformin fails to improve HbA1c in adolescents with type 1 diabetes, overweight

Cut-off value to diagnose primary aldosteronism may be higher than previously recommended

Diabetes remission rate higher after gastric bypass vs. medical therapy

Endocrine impairment common in Erdheim-Chester disease

Blood tests may offer alternative to ‘highly invasive’ adrenal venous sampling

Adiposity linked to better response to GH treatment in small for gestational age children

Air pollution increases CVD risk in women with diabetes

Amputation rate drops among patients with diabetes

Levothyroxine ingested at breakfast may improve adherence

Maternal iodine status may affect childhood IQ

Markers of glucose, lipid metabolism affected by in utero, peripubertal EDC exposure

Low testosterone in men raises risk for atherosclerosis

Insulin sensitivity increases with testosterone therapy in men with type 2 diabetes

Job strain not associated with weight gain, obesity risk

Meeting News Coverage

Pregnancy complications, miscarriage rates high among TODAY study participants

‘Energy shots’ raise glucose, insulin levels in healthy teens

Early weight loss with liraglutide predicts long-term success

Breast-feeding reduces diabetes incidence in mothers, offspring