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Resolve ADHD to improve diabetes self-management

Eliot LeBow, LCSW CDE

New consensus document tackles nonstatin therapies for LDL reduction

5 Questions

Researcher in diabetes, cancer receives Wolf Prize in Medicine

Business of Endocrinology

Barking up the wrong tree: More on drug pricing

Richard O. Dolinar, MD

Cover Story

Prediabetes intervention, education key to diabetes prevention

FDA News

FDA: Dexcom recalls CGM systems due to alarm failure

Changes made to labeling of metformin-containing medications

Imaging Analysis

Incidental finding leads to parathyroid adenoma discovery

Poorani Goundan, MBBS; Stephanie L. Lee, MD PhD ECNU

In the Journals

Worldwide diabetes population reaches 422 million

New guideline recommends 10-year follow-up for pheochromocytoma, paraganglioma

Nonstimulated thyroglobulin measurement sufficient in follow-up of papillary thyroid carcinoma

Multiple risk factors, BMD associated with hip fracture in older men

Invokana increases rates of ketone-related adverse events in type 1 diabetes

Long-term weight-loss diet interventions may increase circulating adiponectin

Intensive glucose control can offset poor lipid profile to slow diabetic retinopathy progression

Severe fatigue, decreased physical activity in patients with Addison’s disease

Remission rate varies by hormone type in pituitary adenoma reoperation

Weight regain, muscle loss follow resistance training, calorie restriction

Vitamin D deficiency rates not increased among patients with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis

Parental pubertal timing influences pubertal onset in girls, boys

Nursing home, hospice exposure predicts all-cause, hypoglycemia-related hospital readmission

Reduced life expectancy, disability-free years for adults with diabetes

Prepregnancy lipid profile may identify women at risk for gestational diabetes

Immunoglobulin levels associated with type 2 diabetes prevalence

Continuous use of closed-loop system increases time in range, decreases hypoglycemia

Children cured of Cushing syndrome still need mental health screening

Anti-Müllerian hormone levels decreased in PCOS with oral contraceptive treatment

Coronary artery disease linked to decreased beta-cell function

Avoiding prolonged sitting reduces cardiometabolic risk markers

Autoimmune thyroid disease rates not linked to diabetes duration, age

Childhood obesity risk increases with antibiotic use under age 2 years

Beta-cell mass fails to increase in response to insulin resistance among Japanese

Adipose tissue insulin resistance linked to reduced free fatty acid suppression

GH treatment outcomes may be impaired by vitamin D status

Higher FGF-23 levels found in residents of highly industrialized nations

Culturally tailored type 2 diabetes programs may benefit Hispanic patients

Meeting News Coverage

STAMPEDE: Glycemic benefits of bariatric surgery sustained up to 5 years

Aromatase inhibitor, GH combination increases growth in boys with idiopathic short stature

Abaloparatide may prevent fractures in postmenopausal women

Ultraviolet filters mimic progesterone, interfere with sperm function

ACCELERATE: Evacetrapib does not reduce major CV events

Low thyroid function linked to type 2 diabetes

Fasting glucose may be insufficient measure in pediatric pseudohypoparathyroidism 1a

Genetic mutations, beyond cholesterol levels, are important for predicting CVD

EHR data: 1% of eligible patients use weight loss drugs

Pituitary hormone deficiencies found in veterans with mild traumatic brain injury

CT accurate for diagnosis of primary aldosteronism subtype in younger patients