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Mobile apps allow more accessible management of diabetes

5 Questions

A conversation with Derek LeRoith, MD, PhD

Derek LeRoith, MD, PhD

Cover Story

Continuous glucose monitoring poised to revolutionize day-to-day diabetes management

Imaging Analysis

Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and a giraffe pattern on thyroid ultrasound

Stephanie L. Lee, MD, PhD, ECNU

In Practice

Mindfulness may be an unmet need in diabetes care

Edward C. Chao, DO

In the Journals

Motivational interviewing linked to reductions in childhood BMI

Muscle growth may indicate bone health

Obesity increases prostate cancer risk in black men

Neural-monitored thyroidectomy improves outcomes for professional singers

Minimal link observed between hormone use in women, lung cancer

Many parents fail to recognize signs of childhood obesity

Leading diabetes associations recommend overhaul of European, US medical device safety

Insulin therapy reduces liver fat burden in type 2 diabetes

Institute of Medicine vitamin D recommendation challenged

Parents interested in whole genome sequencing for themselves, children

Sugar-sweetened beverages suppress cortisol, stress responses in brain

Subclinical diagnoses may skew thyroid cancer survival data

Weight loss associated with sex-specific effects on BMD

Women, men may respond differently to drugs for diabetes, lipids, BP

Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig appear most effective for weight loss

Skeletal fragility, lower bone strength evident in women with celiac disease

Revised AACE diabetes guidelines stress comprehensive care

RAI treatment may increase second primary malignancy risk among children, young adults with thyroid cancer

Risk for sudden deafness higher among patients with osteoporosis

Single-dose zoledronic acid improves BMD in frail older women

Sequential therapy for male infertility may produce same result as continual injections

Dementia risk higher for underweight middle-aged adults

Decline in reproductive hormones linked to cognitive change in older men

CVD risk higher for women aged at least 30 years with PCOS

Earlier assessment of fragility, fracture risk possible by gauging bone strength

Diabetes risk increases with each hour spent watching TV

Diabetes diagnoses increasing within Medicaid expansion states

Average vocal pitch decrease linked to testosterone dosing

ATA updates treatment guidelines for medullary thyroid carcinoma

Advanced breast cancer more likely in women with diabetes

Corticosteroid use linked to development of adrenal insufficiency

High parathyroid level, bone loss signal CV risk in patients on dialysis

Canadian pediatric obesity guidelines recommend lifestyle changes, discourage drugs or surgery

Hypertension, antihypertensive medication linked to primary hyperparathyroidism risk

GH therapy appears safe in children without risk factors for cancer

High parathyroid level, bone loss signal CV risk in patients on dialysis

Hormone therapy affects breast cancer risk differently over time

Higher TSH levels linked to unfavorable lipid levels in children, adolescents

Fixed exercise time, not intensity decreases abdominal fat; intensity required to improve glucose levels

Excessive homework may influence higher obesity rates in children

Glucose-lowering therapies, strategies may increase heart failure

Meeting News Coverage

Transgender adolescents receive improved endocrine care at clinic

New BP guidelines reduce antihypertensive therapy eligibility by 6 million patients

Benefits of fish oil supplementation strongest in patients not on lipid-lowering therapy

Monthly alirocumab may provide additional treatment option for lowering LDL

Estimated cost burden of EDC exposure 'staggering' in EU, translates to US