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Cover Story

Structured, coordinated approach needed for pediatric diabetes patients transitioning to adult care

Diabetes in Real Life

Overcoming hurdles of ICD-10 diagnosis coding

FDA News

FDA approves minimally invasive AspireAssist weight loss device

FDA expands indication for Invokamet

FDA approves imaging agent to detect neuroendocrine tumors

FDA advisory committee supports insulin degludec/liraglutide for type 2 diabetes

Imaging Analysis

False-positive parathyroid ultrasound caused by branchial pouch remnant

Devina Willard, MD; Stephanie L. Lee, MD PhD ECNU

Meeting News Coverage

Jardiance slows kidney disease progression in adults with type 2 diabetes

Measuring hCG may predict preeclampsia risk in women with high-normal thyroid function

LEADER trial: Victoza lowers risk for CV death, MI, stroke in high-risk type 2 diabetes

Microscopic extrathyroidal extension unrelated to outcomes in papillary thyroid carcinoma

Life stress increases islet autoimmunity risk in genetically at-risk children

Service dogs can detect hypoglycemia, alert companion

Sugar-sweetened beverages dominant source of free sugar for young children

Type 2 diabetes in children alters brain gray matter volume

Vitamin D deficiency may confer risk for retinopathy in diabetes

Preparation key to diabetes management during air travel

Provider shortages, insurance hurdles complicate treatment for transgender teens

Approved surgical options needed for severe pediatric obesity

Diagnostic PET/CT should be used with caution in high-risk adrenal cases

Estrogen therapy increases BMD in transgender women

AACE unveils new clinical practice guideline for obesity management

ACCORDION: Intensive blood glucose control lowers risk for diabetic retinopathy

Actos reduces type 2 diabetes risk in adults with prediabetes, prior stroke

EXAMINE: CV events raise mortality risk for patients with diabetes

High-deductible health plans may lead to delayed care visits, increase health care costs

High-load exercise may benefit long-term bone health

Intensive glycemic control reduces risk for adverse kidney outcomes in ACCORDION

Exercise expert receives ADA’s Outstanding Educator in Diabetes Award

HbA1c improvement may ease BMD loss, bone turnover in type 1 diabetes

Health-related quality of life ‘neglected offspring’ in comprehensive diabetes care