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Insulin without prescription requires patient education

Susan Cornell, PharmD, CDE, FAPhA, FAADE

Insulin resistance, beta-cell dysfunction tied to mild hearing impairment in prediabetes

Case Challenges

Older man with diabetes presents with pruritus

Ronald Tamler, MD PhD MBA

Cover Story

Concerns about link between testosterone therapy, CV risk prompt discussion in medical community

Imaging Analysis

Active surveillance of papillary thyroid microcarcinoma not for all patients

Stephanie L. Lee, MD PhD ECNU

In the Journals

Obesity, oral contraceptive use linked to rare stroke risk

Obesity, impaired glucose tolerance predict diabetes in American Indian children

Postprandial gum chewing enhances diet-induced thermogenesis in men

No increased heart failure risk with incretin therapies in type 2 diabetes

Pamidronate lowers mortality risk in chronic critical illness

Plasma uric acid levels low in adolescents with type 1 diabetes

Older age at menopause, longer reproductive period associated with lower depression risk

Overnight insulin requirements more variable than daytime, total daily in type 1 diabetes

Metabolic health improves with 5% weight loss in obesity

Metformin, diet intervention enhances weight loss in women

Long-term thyroxine therapy increases fracture risk in older adults

Januvia unlikely to contribute to fracture risk

Levothyroxine requirement decreases in hypothyroidism after bariatric surgery

Modifications to DPP may yield cost savings without compromising effectiveness

No adverse metabolic changes seen in older adults discontinuing GH therapy

Modest weight loss improves cardiometabolic profile in South Asian adults

‘Mindful eating’ may reduce cardiometabolic risk in adults with obesity

‘Mini-dose’ glucagon viable option for hypoglycemia in type 1 diabetes

Temporal changes in sex hormones linked to increased mortality in older men

Testosterone solution improves sexual drive in hypogonadism

Survival good, postoperative complications frequent for pediatric DTC

Simplified autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation shows promise in type 1 diabetes

Specific mutations vary by race, age in pediatric thyroid cancer

Type 2 diabetes more common in youth exposed to antipsychotics

Urine iodine-to-creatinine ratio more accurate test for deficiency in pregnancy

Total daily dose method safe for estimating starting basal insulin pump rates

Thyroglobulin concentration effective for identifying iodine status

Thyroidectomy complications less likely for high-volume surgeons

Reductions in weight, waist circumference can reverse prediabetes, impaired glucose regulation

Second breakfast at school yields healthier weight range than no breakfast

RAS blocker benefits similar to those of other antihypertensive drug classes in diabetes

Prepregnancy care program improves outcomes, reduces neonatal costs for women with diabetes

Prepubertal children with GH deficiency face early CV risks

Shared medical appointments benefits adolescents with type 1 diabetes

Short-sleep food cravings show endocannabinoid effects

Serum leucine, isoleucine may predict hypertriglyceridemia in early adulthood

Sedentary lifestyle may worsen menopausal symptoms

Self-selected weight-loss plans effective in underserved, rural areas

Diabetes, prediabetes increase all-cause hospitalization rates

Diet, physical activity, mental health influence dysglycemia risk in pregnancy

Apolipoprotein C-III levels remain unaltered following leptin replacement in lipodystrophy

Diabetes increases risk for S. aureus bacteremia

Early treatment switch may improve glycemic control in type 2 diabetes

Education for transgender care still needed

Aldosterone, renin activation may increase risk for diabetes in blacks

Aggressive antihypertensive treatment may cause harm in people with diabetes

Degludec/liraglutide noninferior to up-titration of Lantus in type 2 diabetes

Chronic stress in early childhood not linked to inflammatory, metabolic markers

Changes in androgen status, androgen-sensitive endpoints linked in older men

Calcium channel blockers may lower glucose levels in diabetes

Changes in androgen status, androgen-sensitive endpoints linked in older men

Asymptomatic hyperparathyroidism reveals negative relationship between PTH, trabecular bone score

Decreasing circulating testosterone, estradiol may increase coronary artery calcification

Branched-chain amino acids linked to incident diabetes

CV safety of obesity drug still unknown after early trial termination

Education, support needed for Ramadan fasting with diabetes

HbA1c reduction greater with liraglutide vs. exenatide

Guideline: Primary aldosteronism ‘major public health issue’

Greater abdominal, thigh muscle mass lowers diabetes risk in normal-weight women

Immunosuppressive therapy may reduce relapse risk in Graves’ disease

DKA common after bariatric surgery in high-risk patients with type 1 diabetes, obesity

Intensive lifestyle intervention improves body weight, glucose profile in Hispanic women

Insulin pump therapy lowers HbA1c, hypoglycemic events in children

Glucose needs drop during high-intensity exercise in type 1 diabetes

Forteo stimulates bone formation within femoral neck after total hip replacement

FNA may rule out malignancy in large thyroid nodules

Addyi has limited benefit, higher risk for adverse events

Free amino acid profiles may predict success in diet, exercise programs

Genetic predisposition, environmental factors predict metabolically healthy obesity status

Acipimox added to Farxiga improves beta-cell function in men with type 2 diabetes

Lipid Update

Lifestyle therapies to decrease atherogenic cholesterol and promote CV health: A summary of recent recommendations

Carol Kirkpatrick, PhD, RDN, LDN, CLS, FNLA; Geeta Sikand, MA, RDN, FAND, CLS, CDE, FNLA; Ralph LaForge, MSc, CLS, FNLA

Meeting News Coverage

Anti-Mullerian hormone may estimate magnitude of menopausal bone loss

Use of stimulant drugs may reduce bone mass in children, adolescents

Worsening migraines with hormone replacement linked to increased stroke risk in women

Extent of thyroid surgery often miscoded in cancer registries

Phthalate exposure from medical tubes linked to attention-deficit disorder in critically ill children

Lower indoor temperature in winter linked to lower waist measurement

Molecular analysis improves newborn screenings for congenital adrenal hyperplasia

Early childhood antibiotics increase risk for prediabetes in adolescence

Daily self-weighing improves weight-loss habits, increases confidence

Cutaneous conditions 'reliable markers' for PCOS

IRIS: Pioglitazone lowers risk for CV events after ischemic stroke, TIA

Recommended levothyroxine dosing may be too high in congenital hypothyroidism