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Pharmacologic options boost weight loss

Case Challenges

Tired of low testosterone: Record check reveals cause of weight gain and fatigue

Ronald Tamler, MD, PhD, MBA

Cover Story

Hospitals work to improve inpatient diabetes management


Peers can be part of the diabetes treatment team for teens

Janet H. Silverstein, MD

Imaging Analysis

‘The worst headache of my life’

Elizabeth Herman, MD; Stephanie L. Lee, MD, PhD, ECNU

In the Journals

Vitamin D, calcium supplements fail to improve menopausal symptoms

Increase in overweight, obese population over past 20 years

Intensive glycemic control reduces risk for major CV events, not mortality

DDT exposure in utero increases risk for breast cancer in adulthood

Biological variations influence ease of weight loss in obesity

Boys with idiopathic short stature more likely to receive GH than girls

Meeting News Coverage

New AACE obesity module, tool kit stress importance of patient-centered practices

Pamidronate preserves renal function, improves mortality in chronic critical illness

No additional threat of heart failure with Januvia in high-risk adults with type 2 diabetes

Bone ultrasound better predictor of fracture risk in patients with type 2 diabetes

Retinopathy common in pregnant Hispanic women with pre-existing diabetes

Web-based program aids adults with prediabetes in lowering glycemic markers

High-intensity statin use low in patients with diabetes, high CVD risk

EXAMINE: Use of Nesina, placebo with, without ACE inhibitors reveals similar CV outcomes

GLP-1 receptor agonists change how brain responds to food

Glycemic variability trial sets stage to study effects on diabetes complications

CDEs add effective diabetes management to primary care

Lyxumia trial shows neutral CV risk in adults with type 2 diabetes, high risk for CVD

Dysglycemic extremes affect different brain regions in adolescents with type 1 diabetes

Increased risk for cancer not found with Onglyza