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Prediabetes criteria could be costly for patients, health care system

Reward-based learning impaired for women with obesity when it comes to food

Case Challenges

Sweet ups and downs: Investigating the cause of recurrent severe hyperglycemia in a hospitalized patient

Ronald Tamler, MD, PhD, MBA

Cover Story

Maintenance of certification under fire by endocrinologists


Achievement of target LDL particle number leads to fewer CV events

James A. Underberg, MS, MD, FACP, FACPM, FNLA

FDA News

FDA to review empagliflozin/linagliptin tablet for treating type 2 diabetes

FDA opens dialogue on interim results of CV safety in diabetes drug trials

Imaging Analysis

Comet tail, cat eye and colloid clot artifact found in thyroid nodules

Stephanie L. Lee, MD, PhD, ECNU

In the Journals

Metformin appears to control blood glucose better in black patients

Low vitamin D increased risk for schizophrenia diagnosis

Oxidative stress predicted future hip fracture for postmenopausal women

Thyroid disease diagnosis leads to work absence, disability in first year

Axitinib active in advanced thyroid cancer

SSRI escitalopram did not affect bone metabolism in middle-aged women

PTH therapy improved long-term health of hypoparathyroid patients

Rare gene variant linked to type 2 diabetes in Latino population

Higher dose radioactive iodine improved response to therapy in older PTC patients

Early initiation of menopausal hormone therapy did not affect atherosclerosis progression

Estradiol drop could explain blood hemoglobin decreases in older men

Diabetes increased polytrauma complications risk, including death

Addition of insulin to metformin increased mortality risk in diabetes

Gestational diabetes risk increased with hormonal contraception use

High burden of hypoparathyroidism revealed in Web-based patient survey

High steroid levels in utero resulted in autism spectrum disorders

Industry News

USPSTF: Not enough evidence to warrant vitamin D screenings

Meeting News Coverage

Telehealth delivery of diabetes education extends staff, personalizes care

Control solution needs to be better understood by patients, pharmacists, providers

Diabetes education effective in low-income, high-immigrant community

FREEDOM, ADAMO: Denosumab improved BMD in women and men

Teens cautious using social media for diabetes support, but want to help others