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Education and support shape the future of diabetes care

Linda Siminerio, RN, PhD

Advances in imaging technologies improve screening, detection of diabetic eye disease

Survey: People with diabetes uncertain about management of hypoglycemia

5 Questions

A conversation with Samuel Dagogo-Jack, MD

Samuel Dagogo-Jack, MD

Business of Endocrinology

Biosimilars Are Not Generics

Richard O. Dolinar, MD

Case Challenges

What to do when a patient refuses insulin injections

Ronald Tamler, MD, PhD, MBA

Cover Story

Effects of endocrine-disrupting chemicals potentially serious, but difficult to prove

FDA News

Glyxambi approved for glycemic control

FDA allows marketing of first CGM mobile medical apps

FDA approves Lenvima for progressive differentiated thyroid cancer

Afrezza now available in US

Imaging Analysis

Thyroid cysts not always benign

Stephanie L. Lee, MD, PhD

In the Journals

Peer mentoring may improve diabetes management among adolescents

Oral octreotide safe, effective as monotherapy for acromegaly in phase 3 trial

Mortality risk decreased after bariatric surgery

Napping could reverse health consequences of sleep debt

Long-term hormonal contraceptive use linked to increased brain tumor risk

Tyrosine amino acids potential targets for diabetes treatment in South Asian men

CV risk in women with type 1 diabetes nearly double that in men

Health care utilization among adults diagnosed with diabetes differs by age

Safety of Onglyza unaltered by kidney function

Same mortality risk seen with HbA1c levels in prediabetes, normoglycemia

Self-management improved depressive symptoms related to diabetes

EDC exposure may lead to early menopause

BP reduction in type 2 diabetes may lower CVD risks at levels below guideline recommendations

Bioavailable testosterone affected fat distribution during menopause

Deaths from lack of exercise double those from obesity

Diabetes drug adherence drops with cancer diagnoses

Diet, exercise alone not sufficient obesity treatment for most

Hormone replacement therapy increases risk for ovarian cancer

Insulin resistance-related lipoproteins linked to diabetes risk

Insulin sensitivity, beta-cell function parameters could help characterize gestational diabetes

ATRX mutation possible biomarker for rare neuroendocrine tumors

Gastric bypass improves survival for obese patients with and without diabetes

Benefits of bariatric surgery decrease as BMI increases