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ViaCyte earns $16.6M grant to expand development of type 1 diabetes therapy

Stem cell-derived islet replacement for type 1 diabetes implanted in first patient

Cover Story

Treatment fears, controversies result in largely undertreated osteoporosis population

Imaging Analysis

Unusual uptake on whole-body scan after gastric bypass surgery

Stephanie L. Lee, MD, PhD, ECNU

In Practice

Type 2 diabetes: Rewriting (natural) history

Edward C. Chao, DO

In the Journals

Preoperative ultrasound imaging of thyroid cancer essential to preventing additional surgeries

Metabolic syndrome risk markers influenced by dietary carbohydrates

Long-acting insulin may be more effective in treating type 1 diabetes

Thyroid hormone activity during pregnancy altered by endocrine-disrupting chemicals

Strict glycemic targets should be 'abandoned' for patients undergoing cardiac surgery

Patients with type 1 diabetes at increased risk for all-cause, CVD mortality

Optimal gestational diabetes screening threshold identified for twin pregnancies

Nephropathy in type 2 diabetes increased along with serum C-reactive protein levels

Thyroid cancer conditional survival affected by age, cancer stage, survivorship phase

Hypoglycemia, coma link in type 1 diabetes declined in past decade

'Cascade-of-care' displays gaps in US diabetes diagnosis, treatment

Clinical practice guideline published for Paget's disease diagnosis, treatment

BPA absorbed into body through cash register receipts

Acromegaly diagnosis treatment, guideline issued by The Endocrine Society

Bariatric surgery reduced onset of type 2 diabetes in patients with obesity

Ultraviolet filters linked to reduced male fecundity

Endocrine Society issues revised androgen therapy guidelines for women

Vigorous physical activity helped predict hip, spine bone mineral content in children

US electronic diabetes registers lag behind UK

Meeting News Coverage

Visceral adipose tissue accumulation thresholds for cardiometabolic risk identified by gender

Vitamin D therapy improved deficiency rates of middle-aged women

Taste insensitivity after bariatric surgery influenced weight loss

Experience, training of surgeons key to improvement of thyroid surgery outcomes

Gastric bypass risks lower than perceived, comparable to many common surgeries

Alternate day fasting improved weight loss in adults with obesity, best as dinner or small meals

Differentiated thyroid carcinoma benefitted from total/near-total thyroidectomy followed by RAI

Double vision main indication for therapy in half of patients with Graves' orbitopathy

Dual balloon implant improved weight loss for adults with obesity

ODYSSEY ALTERNATIVE: Alirocumab superior to ezetimibe for LDL lowering in statin-intolerant patients

Painless thyroiditis syndrome associated with PD-1 treatment in patients with cancer

IMPROVE-IT: Ezetimibe added to statin therapy improved CV outcomes

Natural antibiotics in children during prepuberty may predict obesity

Myocardial ischemia common in young women with CHD under mental stress

Nomogram predicts prognosis, guides follow-up plans in patients with medullary thyroid cancer