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Cover Story

Testosterone treatment patterns, risks spark passionate debate among experts

Business of Endocrinology

Maintenance of Certification or Maintenance of Cash: A call to check the checkers

Richard O. Dolinar, MD

Imaging Analysis

Looking at an unusual case of hypercalcemia

Stephanie L. Lee, MD, PhD, ECNU

In Practice

Dispatch from San Francisco: Reviewing the best of American Diabetes Association’s 74th Scientific Sessions

Edward C. Chao, DO

Meeting News Coverage

Acromegaly patients could gain greater biochemical control with new treatment

In the Journals

Bariatric surgery appears most effective in treating type 2 diabetes

Better patient–physician communication could improve fertility preservation in men with cancer

In the Journals

'Bundled' management reduced diabetes-related vascular complications

Couples with high cholesterol face longer time to pregnancy

Diabetes, vascular disease connection differs by phenotype

Meeting News Coverage

Enzyme replacement therapy improved complications in hypophosphatasia

In the Journals

Exercise ‘snacks’ controlled blood glucose better than prolonged workouts

Meeting News Coverage

Higher obesity increases odds for cardiovascular, cancer, diabetes deaths

Hyperglycemia disturbs brain’s functional connectivity, may prompt depression in type 1 diabetes

In the Journals

Inflammation from PCOS could cause pregnancy complications

Letrozole improved ovulation, live-birth in women with PCOS

Nanotech microchip could offer convenient, less costly diabetes diagnosis

Practice changes from WHI trial net $37 billion return

Public health groups could reduce childhood obesity with Twitter tactics

Meeting News Coverage

Regulations make studies in pediatric type 2 diabetes treatments ‘virtually impossible’

In the Journals

Saliva tests identified metabolic disease risk in children

Severe obesity, obesity rates declined in NYC public schools

Sitagliptin, lansoprazole combination affected beta cells less than expected in type 1 diabetes

Stress, diet interventions may reduce childhood obesity

Thyroid ultrasound consensus statement aims to standardize reports

Weekly dulaglutide HbA1c control, safety similar to daily liraglutide

Weight-loss program success, failure criteria deserve another look

Women with chronic stress more susceptible to diet-related metabolic risk

Young females labeled as 'too fat' more likely to become obese