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Cover Story

The ecosystem within: How the microbiome contributes to endocrine regulation


Physicians must make closing practice gaps a priority in PCOS

Ricardo Azziz, MD

FDA News

FDA approves Contrave for chronic weight management

FDA committees near-unanimous on need to investigate testosterone therapies

Advisory Committee recommends approval of PTH therapy for hypoparathyroidism

Imaging Analysis

Diagnosis and monitoring of an incidental infundibular lesion

Poorami Goundan, MD; Stephanie L. Lee, MD, PhD, ECNU

In Practice

For osteoporosis, should medications take a holiday?

Edward C. Chao, DO

In the Journals

Potential PCOS biomarkers could improve detection, clinical care

Mortality, MI after CV procedures support ‘obesity paradox’

Model to forecast type 1 diabetes outcomes could improve daily practice, clinical trials

Low-sodium diet drops heart disease risk for patients with type 2 diabetes

Phthalates associated with decreased testosterone in both sexes, all ages

Metformin could help women with PCOS avoid weight gain

Physical activity less protective against type 2 diabetes in those more genetically predisposed

Weight loss helped women with obesity reduce hot flashes in menopause

USPSTF recommends intensive behavioral counseling for people with obesity, overweight

Weight loss lowered health care costs for people with type 2 diabetes

Weight loss information sought most often online lacking in quality

Testosterone, estradiol levels could help predict sudden cardiac arrest

Co-existence of BRAF V600E, TERT promoter mutations predict recurrence in papillary thyroid cancer

Pregnant women with subclinical hypothyroidism more likely to miscarry

Shift work increases risk for diabetes, especially mixed schedules

Rapid rise in prediabetes in England raises concerns about future disease

Eating habits, body fat could be influenced by brain chemistry

High TSH levels after hypothyroidism therapy increase miscarriage risk

Childhood obesity decreased SHBG, lowered puberty age

A medically accurate, de-stigmatizing term developed to discuss issues in postmenopause

Androgenic parameters similar in elite female athletes, healthy young women

Higher thyroxine dose needed in patients with hypothyroidism and lactose intolerance

IGF-I levels, low and high, linked with CV disease in older men

Instant noodles intake linked with metabolic syndrome in Korean women

In PTC patients, MUC1 expression linked to BRAFV600E mutation, lymph node metastasis

Hyperglycemia during emergency hospital admissions predicts diabetes risk

Lifestyle risk factors for CVD rise along with urbanization

Meeting News Coverage

Higher plasma levels linked to CV complications in type 1 diabetes

Cancer incidence in type 1 diabetes similar to general population

Bone mineral density score disparity highlights need to redefine osteoporosis in children

Vitamin K supplements failed to improve BMD in postmenopausal osteopenia

Duodenum resurfacing procedure improved type 2 diabetes markers

FDA committees withhold approval of oral testosterone therapy

Diabetes predicted long-term mortality in patients with ischemic heart disease

Diabetic peripheral neuropathy increased risk for fall