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Obesity prevention in women of child-bearing age deserves priority

5 Questions

A conversation with Alan J. Garber, MD, PhD

Cover Story

Bariatric surgery enters mainstream for treatment of diabetes

FDA News

Flibanserin to treat hypoactive sexual desire disorder in premenopause goes back to FDA

Imaging Analysis

Riedel’s thyroiditis and F18-FDG-PET scan

Stephanie L. Lee, MD, PhD, ECNU

In Practice

Precision medicine and the advent of customized care

Edward C. Chao, DO

In the Journals

Most benign thyroid nodules remain benign during follow-up

Nutrition, weight loss interventions needed in mobility-impaired populations

Obesity affects blacks, whites differently in prediabetes

Insulin pump use, optimal glycemic control less likely in black children

Leisure-time physical activity reduced CV risk in CAD patients with and without diabetes

Linsitinib comparable to placebo for adrenal cancer treatment

Pregnant women with obesity should limit weight gain until mid-pregnancy

Thyroid Cancer Care Collaborative offers paradigm to improve disease management, research

Safety policies, data protection needed for BYOD in health care

Oral melatonin may benefit sleep-deprived ICU patients

Vitamin D supplementation benefits middle-aged women with low 25-(OH)D levels

Vegetarian, meat protein provide similar appetite control, weight loss

Childbirth complication rate low in women with primary hyperparathyroidism

High-energy breakfast improves all-day glucose control in patients with type 2 diabetes

Hormone therapy in transgender adults appears safe

Childhood vitamin D levels linked to carotid IMT in adulthood

Cushing's syndrome subtype affects postoperative time to adrenal recovery

Drawings assess patient perceptions after remission of acromegaly

Fluoridated water contributes to increased rates of hypothyroidism

Hormone therapy offers no CV protection for postmenopausal women, may increase stroke risk

HT may reduce mortality risk in statin-treated postmenopausal women

Increased inappropriate radioactive iodine therapy carries extra costs, patient risks

Genomic maps could improve pediatric adrenocortical tumor identification, treatment

Bariatric surgery influences pregnancy complications

B vitamins may counter adverse reproductive effects from DDT exposure

Meeting News Coverage

Anthropometric, lifestyle changes in men could improve couples' fertility

Secreted placental hormones could help identify fetal abnormalities related to EDCs in both sexes

Mortality risks remain unchanged with menopausal hormone therapy

Maternal thyroid hormone levels associated with child IQ

Long-term weight loss may be more likely with low-fat diet

Number of unregulated compounded menopausal HT purchases nears number FDA-approved prescriptions

Increased nut intake reduces risk for metabolic syndrome among adolescents