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Group supports patients with familial chylomicronemia syndrome

James Falko, MD

Court grants injunction to prevent US sales of alirocumab due to patent infringement

5 Questions

A conversation with Donna Ryan, MD

Cover Story

Beyond diabetes, metformin may prove to be a ‘wonder drug’

Imaging Analysis

Eggshell calcification of thyroid nodule not always benign

Stephanie L. Lee, MD, PhD, ECNU; Sung Hye Kong, MD

In the Journals Plus

Metformin increases A. muciniphila in patients with type 2 diabetes

Need, timing of surgery must be weighed against potential benefits in MEN1

Interrupting sitting time with walking, standing improves glycemic control in type 2 diabetes

Metabolic syndrome tied to cognitive impairments in adolescents

Intensity of physical activity linked to musculoskeletal health in middle-aged women

Hypothalamic pituitary conditions may hinder social milestone achievement

Lanreotide not harmful for HbA1c, lipid levels in acromegaly

Transgender health care lacks multidisciplinary training

Teriparatide fails to heal atypical femur fractures, despite improved bone quality

Weight loss at 1 year predicts sustained benefit, lower HbA1c in diabetes, obesity

TSH levels may predict postoperative hypothyroidism

Sugar-sweetened beverages associated with short sleep in adults

Pioglitazone increases absolute fracture risk in prediabetes treatment

No increased risk for death in ‘metabolically healthy’ adults with obesity

Short sleep duration increases hyperglycemia risk among inpatients

Sclerostin levels not associated with type 2 diabetes risk

HT for menopausal symptoms benefits bone health

Computer-aided thyroid nodule diagnosis demonstrates sensitivity similar to radiologists

Current sulfonylurea, TZD use increases fracture risk in type 2 diabetes

Education, planning improvements needed for pediatric diabetes patients transitioning to adult care

Combined testosterone therapy, weight loss improves androgen deficiency in men with obesity

AACE: CVD ‘extreme risk’ category introduced in updated lipid guidelines

Calcium, vitamin D, HT combination improves LDL in postmenopausal women

Childhood GH treatment does not increase adulthood diabetes risk

GH treatment safe, effective in Silver-Russell syndrome

GH therapy does not affect glucose homeostasis in adults

High-deductible insurance associated with delayed care in diabetes

Guidelines needed to address iodine supplementation in pregnancy

GH therapy alters circulating thyroid hormones, deiodinase activity in men

Excess enterovirus infections observed in children with type 1 diabetes

Meeting News Coverage

Experts, patients come together to address barriers to PCSK9 inhibitor access


Should metformin be the first-line therapy choice in type 2 diabetes treatment?

The Balancing Act

Addressing cognitive impact of hyperglycemia on diabetes self-management

Eliot LeBow, LCSW, CDE