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Maintaining wellness critical for trainees and clinicians in medical subspecialties

Laurence Katznelson, MD; Mickey Trockel, MD PhD

Increasing calcium intake not always effective for bone health, fracture prevention

Case Challenges

Young man with three children presents with low libido, fatigue, ‘brain fog’

Ronald Tamler, MD PhD MBA

Cover Story

Experts dispel myths surrounding early menopause and risks of hormone therapy

Diabetes in Real Life

Parents, professionals need better awareness of DKA and diabetes symptoms

Tom Karlya

Imaging Analysis

Middle-aged man diagnosed with giant invasive prolactinoma

Stephanie L. Lee, MD PhD ECNU

In the Journals

Testosterone injections, not gels, increase CV event risk

Age of diagnosis, rate of BMI increase associated with mortality rate for hypothalamic obesity in children

Melatonin improves body composition, lipid metabolism in postmenopausal women

Sleep-time blood pressure serves as marker for type 2 diabetes

Lipoprotein profile in PCOS may lead to insight on CV risk

Later bedtime in adolescents, young adults tied to increased BMI

Smoking linked to higher risk for type 2 diabetes

Sulfonylurea therapy improves neurologic symptoms in children with neonatal diabetes

Prandial reduction of insulin, low-glycemic index meal may prevent exercise-induced hypoglycemia

PET imaging used in about 20% of differentiated thyroid cancers

Results of repeat thyroid FNA mostly unchanged from initial biopsy

Pregnancy does not increase risk for women with adrenocortical carcinoma

Parathyroidectomy may reduce left ventricular mass in primary hyperparathyroidism

Shorter sleep duration affects food responsiveness in children

Methimazole more effective for Graves’ ophthalmopathy than radioiodine

Onglyza risk neutral for fracture in adults with type 2 diabetes

Nocturnal hypoglycemia decreases awakening response in adults with type 2 diabetes

Influenza vaccine response similar in older adults with and without type 2 diabetes

Vitamin K antagonists do not affect bone mineral density, fracture risk

Discontinuing postmenopausal HT increases CV death risk

Endocrine-disrupting chemical exposure increases risk for diabetes, obesity, hormonal cancers

Early pubarche in girls associated with increased left ventricular mass

CVD risk may influence medication use in type 2 diabetes

Melatonin at mealtimes may increase type 2 diabetes risk in people with gene variant

Diabetes risk higher in younger vs. older adults with similar weight profiles

Weight loss improves glycemic profile in women at higher risk for PCOS

Gene expression classifier identifies benign thyroid nodules

Gestational diabetes screening rates high among Canadian women

In CABG patients, flat preoperative diurnal cortisol slope predicts poor outcomes

Thyroid radiation dose, other factors may predict carcinoma risk after childhood cancer

Meeting News Coverage

Acute coronary syndrome risk higher for women with diabetes than men

Women with diabetes at higher risk for acute MI than men

Vitamin D supplementation increases muscle strength, reduces falls in postmenopausal women

Women more willing to use vaginal estrogen in tablet form compared with cream

Vitamin D supplementation in pregnant women improves bone mass in offspring

Transdermal estrogen, intermittent progesterone safe, effective for menopause symptoms

Timing of menopausal HT initiation influences risk for CHD

DXA assessment predicts metabolic risk better than BMI in postmenopausal women

Excessive daytime sleepiness, long naps related to increased risk for type 2 diabetes

Exemestane negatively affects bone health in postmenopausal women

Defective beta-cell function, insulin resistance found in newly diagnosed diabetes

Bisphosphonate therapy improved fracture risk, mortality outcomes

Black tea consumption lowers fracture risk in older women

BMD does not easily predict fracture risk in type 1 diabetes

FRAX calculations overlook many women at risk for osteoporotic fracture

Lower estradiol levels increase nighttime hot flashes, sleep disturbances in menopausal women

Better blood glucose control found with high-protein diets from plant, animal sources

Severity of hot flashes associated with subclinical CVD

Invokana reduces HbA1c, body weight in adults with type 1 diabetes

Vitamin D dose does not affect insulin resistance in older adults with overweight

Intensive bisphosphonate therapy not effective for adults with Paget’s disease