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MenoPro app helps clinicians, patients manage menopausal symptoms

October 22, 2014

During its 25th annual meeting, The North American Menopause Society launched MenoPro, a mobile iPhone/iPad menopause app designed for use by clinicians and patients to help manage menopausal symptoms and assess risk factors.  

The algorithm-based app, featuring separate modes for provider and patients, offers access to society resources, a cardiovascular disease risk score calculator and the capability to email a decision-making process summary and other information to patients.

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Nonhormonal menopause treatment did not inhibit enzyme related to tamoxifen conversion

October 22, 2014
WASHINGTON — An in vitro investigation showed that a nonhormonal purified pollen extract did not inhibit the CYP2D6 enzyme involved in tamoxifen conversion to…
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Low levels of DHEA predicted CHD risk in elderly men

October 22, 2014
Low serum levels of the adrenal sex hormone dehydroepiandrosterone and its sulfate were predictors of increased risk for CHD events in elderly men, researchers…
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Link observed between diabetes, new cervical deformity after ASD surgery

October 22, 2014
BOSTON — By the 2-year follow-up, nearly half of patients in a study who did not have cervical deformity prior to undergoing surgery for adult spinal deformity…
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Achievement of target LDL particle number leads to fewer CV events

Endocrine Today, September 2014
James A. Underberg, MS, MD, FACP, FACPM, FNLA
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Video: Ardis Hoven, MD, explains which changes to the ACA will help physicians most

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