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Morale rises, but more physicians feel overextended

October 23, 2014

An increasing number of physicians reported they are overextended or at full capacity, according to results of a national survey conducted this year of more than 20,000 physicians.

Compared with 75% in 2012, 81% of physicians surveyed said they felt overextended or at full capacity, and only 19% said they have time to see more patients in the poll conducted for The Physicians Foundation by Merritt Hawkins.

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Despite perceived differences, international hypertension guidelines 'mostly similar'

October 23, 2014
BOSTON — Despite recent controversy over BP targets for adults aged 60 years and older, international guidelines for hypertension are “mostly similar,”…
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BPA absorbed into body through cash register receipts

October 23, 2014
High levels of the endocrine disruptor bisphenol A found in humans are likely coming from thermal paper used in cash register receipts, according to data published in…
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MenoPro app helps clinicians, patients manage menopausal symptoms

October 22, 2014
During its 25th annual meeting, The North American Menopause Society launched MenoPro, a mobile iPhone/iPad menopause app designed for use by clinicians and patients to…
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Achievement of target LDL particle number leads to fewer CV events

Endocrine Today, September 2014
James A. Underberg, MS, MD, FACP, FACPM, FNLA
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Darier's sign and osteoporosis

November 27, 2013
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Video: Ardis Hoven, MD, explains which changes to the ACA will help physicians most

August 8, 2014
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