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VIDEO: Theater opens space for discussion of living with diabetes

SAN DIEGO — In this video exclusive, Endocrine Today Diabetes in Real Life columnist Susan Weiner, MS, RDN, CDE, CDN, speaks with Marina Tsaplina, founder and executive and artistic director of The Betes Organization, a nonprofit organization created to focus on the human side of diabetes through theater arts.

“We make the invisible, visible,” Tspalina said of the group. “All the hard parts of living with a chronic health condition, we make come to life through theater and puppetry.”

The Betes programs are designed for educating all ages of people with diabetes as well as providers who care for them, and can be delivered across the country, such as the almost 3-hour program presented at a California diabetes camp this summer. Tsaplina encourages providers interested in custom programming to contact her at or visit

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