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VIDEO: Diabetes educators can help people with diabetes overcome barriers to exercise

SAN DIEGO — In this video exclusive, Endocrine Today Diabetes in Real Life columnist Susan Weiner, MS, RDN, CDE, CDN, speaks with Samuel Grossman, PharmD, CDE, of the Department of Veterans Affairs New York Harbor Health Care System, about encouraging people with diabetes to exercise. In a study conducted by Grossman, he found that after five monthly group sessions provided in a community program, participants increased their exercise tolerance, improved their glucose control, reduced blood pressure and expressed more confidence in their care and in their caregivers.

Program participants brought several common questions to the group discussions. They were concerned about feeling dizzy during exercise and were advised to eat 15 g of carbohydrate before exercise to relieve that feeling. They were unsure whether to stop exercising if they felt ill or had pain and were told to discontinue until they felt better. People with diabetes should consult their health care provider before beginning a new exercise regimen, Grossman said.


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