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JDRF forms new research advisory committee

February 13, 2016

A newly formed external research advisory committee of nationally known diabetes experts will guide the JDRF on policy matters and research-related issues to help the organization further its strategic plan, according to a press release.

The committee, according to JDRF, will advise the organization on matters of policy pertaining to research philosophy and procedures to help the organization be more effective in its efforts to cure, prevent and treat type 1 diabetes.

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Top 5 online stories posted in January

February 12, 2016
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CMS extends 2015 EHR meaningful use attestation deadline

February 12, 2016
CMS has extended the deadline to attest to meaningful use of electronic health records for 2015, according to an email from the agency.Providers in the Medicare &…
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High normal range atrial natriuretic peptide may reduce insulin resistance risk in middle age

February 12, 2016
Exposure during middle age to atrial natriuretic peptide within the high normal range appears to be associated with a reduced risk for insulin resistance after 16.5…

Senate Health Committee passes Advancing Research for Neurological Diseases Act of 2015

February 12, 2016
The Senate Health Committee passed the “Advancing Research for Neurological Diseases Act of 2015” (S. 849)” on Tuesday, which will establish a national…
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