Iagnosis partners with National Psoriasis Foundation to offer teledermatology option

Iagnosis announced in a press release it has partnered with the National Psoriasis Foundation to offer teledermatology care for patients with psoriasis.

"For dermatology specialists who treat psoriasis patients, the use of teledermatology increases patient access to the appropriate type of medical care needed by those patients — and can also in many cases allow for that treatment to start earlier,” Mark P. Seraly, MD, founder and chief medical officer of Iagnosis, told Healio.com/Dermatology.

“Mild to moderate cases of psoriasis can be managed using tele-visit approaches, while more moderate to severe cases may still require an initial in-office visit, selection of the most appropriate treatment plan and then follow-ups can be done online for a period time, Seraly said. “Because psoriasis is a chronic disease, the availability of a teledermatology option makes treatment more convenient, especially for those patients with more limited access or where travel barriers are a concern."

The partnership allows the National Psoriasis Foundation (NPF) Patient Navigation Center to direct patients to Iagnosis’ DermatologistOnCall, an online network of U.S.-based dermatology specialists available to diagnose and treat patients for skin, hair and nail conditions, according to the release. Patients who contact the NPF Patient Navigation Center will be offered a special rate to use DermatologistOnCall. They can then start an online visit either by going to the DermatologistOnCall website or using a mobile app, according to the release.

Patients using DermatologistOnCall  will receive care only from a provider licensed in their state, and can select a specific provider. The care provider typically delivers a diagnosis, based on information and photos from the patient, within 24 hours, according to the release.

The online dermatology visits are HIPAA and HITECH compliant for patient information security, the release reported. Prescriptions can be written with the service, and submitted through electronic transmission to the patient’s preferred pharmacy.

“Whether it be finding a dermatologist in their city or state that understands how to best treat the disease, or getting an appointment with that doctor, accessing care can be very challenging [for patients with psoriasis],” Randy Beranek, president and CEO of NPF, stated in the release. “We’re excited about this partnership as it enables us to offer patients yet another option for getting the right diagnosis and appropriate treatment for their disease.”

Reference: www.iagnosis.com