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Cold nerve therapy temporarily reduced hyperdynamic forehead wrinkles

CHICAGO — A therapy that used cold to temporary block nerves effectively and safely reduced hyperdynamic forehead wrinkles, according to study results presented at the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery annual meeting.

“Some people … don’t want to have a neurotoxin, but they still want that benefit for around their eyes,” Doris Day, MD, a dermatologist in private practice in New York, said during her presentation.

Pregnant women and women previously treated with neurotoxins are candidates for the therapy, Day said, as are patients who are not ideal candidates for neuromodulators.

Focused Cold Therapy (Myoscience) “is a technology that harnesses the power of cold to treat peripheral, sensory or motor nerves as we choose,” Day said. The process temporarily blocks nerves from signaling before they are restored to normal function.

Focused Cold Therapy was applied via a novel cryotherapy device to the temporal facial nerve of 41 patients. Researchers and patients assessed dynamic forehead wrinkles before and immediately after treatment and at 7, 30, 60, 90 and 120 days post-treatment. Line severity was measured by a 5-point Wrinkle Scale (5WS) and 9-point Global Improvement Scale.

“Nothing is injected into the body … it’s only the cold that the patient will experience,” Day said.

The study’s first five patients were excluded from analysis because they received a lower treatment dose. At 30 days post-treatment, 91% of the remaining 36 patients had at least a 1 point improvement in 5WS and 70% experienced at least a 2-point gain. No serious adverse events were reported.

“Subjects treated for forehead wrinkles showed consistent clinical improvement,” Day concluded. “This study demonstrates that application of [Focused Cold Therapy] to the temporal branch of the facial nerve can induce a temporary nerve injury that leads to reduced muscle contraction and a corresponding reduction of hyperdynamic forehead wrinkles. This could fill in as an of yet unmet clinical need for a toxin-free alternative for temporary dynamic wrinkle reduction.”

Disclosure: Day was an investigator for the Focused Cold Therapy trials.

For more information:

Day D. Safety and Effectiveness of Focused Cold Therapy for the Treatment of Hyperdynamic Forehead Wrinkles. Presented at: American Society for Dermatologic Surgery 2013 Annual Meeting; Oct 3-6, Chicago.

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