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Acquired idiopathic anhidrosis more common in young Chinese men

August 29, 2014

In a retrospective review of patients with acquired idiopathic anhidrosis, researchers found almost all cases occurred among younger, mostly healthy Chinese men, indicating a potential genetic predisposition.

All cases of generalized or partial anhidrosis without obvious causes and confirmed by provocative starch-iodine sweat test during a 10-year period were included in the analysis.

Survey shows doctors predominantly lead ACOs

August 29, 2014
Accountable Care Organizations are largely led by physicians or physician and hospital partnerships, according to data published in Health Affairs. “The broad…
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X-ray fluorescence detects mercury in skincare products

August 29, 2014
Data presented at the 248th National Meeting and Exposition of the American Chemical Society demonstrate total reflection X-ray fluorescence can detect mercury in…

CMS Open Payments deadline extended to Sept. 10, outages planned

August 28, 2014
CMS has announced its Open Payments system will once again be unavailable at two specified times due to network maintenance. It has extended the deadline to submit…
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'Magic Wand Project' for clinical dermatology research explained

April 7, 2014
DENVER — R. Rox Anderson, MD, professor of dermatology at Harvard Medical School and director of the Wellman…
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