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  • Strike the Stroke: Left Atrial Appendage Occlusion

  • Cardiology Today's Intervention, September/October 2013
    Stefan Bertog, MD; Dani Id, MD; Jennifer Franke, MD; Laura Vaskelyte, MD; lona Hofmann, MD; Horst Sievert, MD
  • A stroke frequently has catastrophic consequences for patients and their families and is accompanied by a significant financial burden to society. It...More »
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  • Bioabsorbable Scaffolds: Beyond the Vanishing Act

  • Cardiology Today's Intervention, March/April
    Alexandre Abizaid, MD, PhD; J. Ribamar Costa Jr., MD, PhD
  • PCI with bioabsorbable vascular scaffolds has created interest due to the temporary need for mechanical support for the healing artery, and the...More »
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  • The Present State of Drug-Coated Balloons

  • Cardiology Today's Intervention, November/December
    Masataka Nakano, MD; Saami K. Yazdani, PhD; Renu Virmani, MD
  • Although the advent of drug-eluting stents has brought remarkable benefit to the treatment of atherosclerotic vascular disease, its advantages have been...More »