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Cover Story

Consensus on diagnosis, treatment of type 2 MI remains elusive

FDA News

FDA issues draft guidance to food industry on voluntary sodium reduction

FDA rejects hyperkalemia treatment due to manufacturing issue

FDA panel splits vote on approval recommendation for PFO closure device

FDA warns high doses of loperamide may cause serious cardiac adverse events

FDA finalizes improved Nutrition Facts label for packaged foods


Disputed meta-analysis finds low sodium intake may increase CV risk, mortality

In the Journals

Methylphenidate slightly increases cardiovascular risk among children

Insulin treatment may affect outcomes after PCI in patients with diabetes

IVUS-XPL: Outcomes similar for 6-month, 12-month DAPT in patients receiving EES

Patients with LVAD at risk for three types of blood flow obstruction

Higher muscle mass may lower mortality risk in CVD

New medications prompt changes to US, European HF guidelines

Gene identified for stroke related to cerebral small vessel disease

Genetic variant may elevate risk for acute kidney injury after cardiac surgery

Endurance training fails to cause long-term damage to right ventricle

Circadian misalignment common in shift workers increases risk for CVD

CMR more accurate than SPECT at predicting major adverse CV events

Analysis: Replacing saturated fat with linoleic acid may not confer mortality benefit

Bystander response, demographics affect survival variation for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest

Cardiac biomarkers may offer early detection of anthracycline-induced cardiotoxicity

Silent MI common, associated with poor outcomes

Women with new-onset AF at elevated risk for cancer

CVD events often occur before age 65 years in both sexes

Meeting News Coverage

WIN-TAVI registry highlights TAVR safety, performance in women

PCSK9 inhibitors benefit patients with residual LDL burden

Rotor-only ablation ineffective option for nonparoxysmal AF

OCT-ORION: Durable polymer ZES shows better healing, strut coverage vs. bioabsorbable DES

One in four patients develop HF within 4 years of first MI

Statins often negatively interact with other CV drugs

Statins may lower amputation risk for patients with PAD

Severe sleep apnea associated with higher risk for AF in patients with pacemakers

Reductions in non-HDL, ApoB associated with positive outcomes

TAVR with moderate sedation confers positive outcomes

PRESSURE: Repeat electrophysiological study improves outcomes in paroxysmal AF

Study highlights no change in US lipid profiles despite rising use of lipid-lowering therapies

Mapping can identify individual drivers that maintain ventricular fibrillation

Evidence suggests ApoC-III reduction confers reduced CV risk

Genetics can be useful for CV risk assessment

After MI, married people more likely to survive, have shorter hospital stay

APPOSITION V: Self-expanding BMS inferior to balloon-expandable BMS

'As needed' oral anticoagulation similar in safety, effectiveness to daily use for some patients with AF

ATMOSPHERE: Aliskiren fails to benefit patients with HF, diabetes vs. enalapril

Lp(a) confers increased CVD risk, but treatment options unclear

Lower BP target reduces CV risk, all-cause mortality in older adults

Leadless pacemakers linked with fewer overall complications vs. transvenous pacemakers

LEADER trial: Victoza lowers risk for CV death, MI, stroke in high-risk type 2 diabetes

Trial Scorecards

Trial Scorecard: ICON

Trial Scorecard: APEX

Trial Scorecard: COSMIC-HF

Trial Scorecard: IVUS-XPL

Trial Scorecard: PRESSURE

Trial Scorecard: FATS-OS

Trial Scorecard: EMERALD

Trial Scorecard: LEADLESS II