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Cover Story

New technologies advance treatment options for patients with arrhythmia disorders, HF

FDA News

FDA approves extended-release aspirin for secondary prevention

FDA approves evolocumab as LDL-lowering therapy in certain patients

FDA approves ticagrelor for long-term use after ACS event

In the Journals

Screening older men may detect more abdominal aortic aneurysms

Secondhand smoke exposure in utero, during childhood increased future AF risk

TEXT ME: Program helps improve LDL, CVD risk factors in patients with CHD

TULIP: CETP inhibitor well tolerated, effective for treatment of mild dyslipidemia

DANTE: Discontinuing antihypertensive medications did not improve cognitive function in elderly patients

Ezetimibe plus statin linked to greater plaque regression in patients with PCI

ILUMIEN I: Pre-, post-PCI OCT findings influence physicians’ procedure strategies

Idarucizumab rapidly reverses anticoagulant effect of dabigatran, restores hemostasis

Statin use increasingly common among very elderly patients

Intensive medical therapy controls risk factors, improves outcomes in diabetes, CHD

HARMONY: Ranolazine, dronedarone combination benefits patients with paroxysmal AF

Left, center of head most affected by radiation exposure during interventional procedures

Higher outdoor temperatures linked to lower BP

High resting heart rate linked to poor functional status in older adults

CV risk factors, obesity common in women undergoing hysterectomy

Atrial fibrillation/flutter rare, increases complication risk in pregnant women with heart disease

Overall global health improving, years lived with disability rising

Black race, LV dysfunction linked to poorer outcomes of peripartum cardiomyopathy

Quitting smoking before, after acute MI improved angina risk, quality of life

Adding CRT to ICD therapy for mild HF can be cost-effective

TTE appears viable for managing low-risk S. aureus bacteremia

AF associated with elevated risk for dementia regardless of stroke

Post-exercise ABI linked to lower-extremity revascularization

Collaborative program lowers HF readmission rates

Updated guidelines address new changes in PAD management

Updated guidelines address CVD prevention in adults with type 2 diabetes

COMPARE: EES superior to PES at 5 years

Cardiac rehabilitation referrals for HF slowly increasing

CABG linked to better outcomes in patients with multiple CTOs

Uric acid levels predict CV events in postmenopausal women

Varenicline does not increase risk for cardiovascular, neuropsychiatric events

Industry News

ACC to launch clinical registries to track ablation, LAA occlusion procedures for AF

SPRINT: Intensive BP management reduces CVD, mortality risk

Lipid Update

PCSK9 inhibitors change treatment approach for dyslipidemia

Peter H. Jones, MD, FNLA

Meeting News Coverage

VIDEO: Extended DAPT appears beneficial for patients with prior MI

PRESERVATION I: Bioabsorbable cardiac matrix does not prevent LV remodeling, HF

VIDEO: Five IMPROVE-IT analyses indicate safety, efficacy of ezetimibe

PLATFORM: FFR-CT reduces unnecessary invasive catheterization in patients with suspected CAD

VIDEO: ARTS-HF results indicate benefits of finerenone for certain patients with HF

Two studies demonstrate noninferiority of bioresorbable vascular scaffold system

VIDEO: ED protocol with high-sensitivity troponin assays helps rule out MI quickly

VIDEO: CHAMPION-PHOENIX results indicate benefits of cangrelor, effect of access site during PCI

AEGEAN: Adherence program does not provide additional value to apixaban users

ARTS-HF: Finerenone effective, safe in patients hospitalized for worsening HF

Central sleep apnea device increases mortality in patients with HF

FAME: FFR-guided PCI lowers long-term major adverse cardiac event risk

CUPID-2: Gene transfer fails to improve outcomes in HFrEF

CIRCUS: Cyclosporine before PCI fails to improve outcomes after STEMI

Depression, BP extremes may predict CV events

BELIEF: LAA isolation during catheter ablation benefited patients with longstanding persistent AF

VIDEO: New diagnostic strategy explored in PLATFORM trial

Jardiance reduces risk for CV death, all-cause mortality in adults with type 2 diabetes and CVD history

PATHWAY-2: Spironolactone benefits patients with resistant hypertension

PATHWAY-3: Amiloride-hydrochlorothiazide combination superior to either alone for uncontrolled hypertension

OPTIDUAL: Extended DAPT not superior to 12-month therapy

Leadless pacemaker effective, events low in first 300 patients

Meta-analysis: Digoxin contributes to lower hospitalization, poses neutral effect on death

New ESC guideline recommends radial approach for PCI in patients with ACS

Pharmacology Consult

A look at ezetimibe and the IMPROVE-IT trial

Jessie Dunne, PharmD, BCPS

Trial Scorecards

Trial Scorecard: PLATFORM

Trial Scorecard: CALERIE

Trial Scorecard: EXPAND

Trial Scorecard: SERVE-HF

Trial Scorecard: PATHWAY-2

Trial Scorecard: CIRCUS

Trial Scorecard: DANTE

Trial Scorecard: TULIP