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Downgrading risk to minimize statin use in an era of increased statin eligibility

Tolu Adesiyun, MD; Seth S. Martin, MD; Roger S. Blumenthal, MD

Cover Story

CVD and mental health disorders: Link established, more research needed


Anger management in medicine

Peter R. Kowey, MD, FACC, FAHA, FHRS

FDA News

FDA approves use of combination therapy for treatment of PAH

FDA approves Praxbind for Pradaxa reversal

FDA approves first bioabsorbable polymer DES

In the Journals

Severe obesity worsens cardiometabolic risk factors in children, young adults

Higher visit-to-visit variation in systolic BP increases risk for CVD, death

FDA: Additional diagnostic imaging warranted to detect reduced leaflet motion in bioprosthetic valves

Elevated apolipoprotein C-III associated with higher trigylcerides, CAC score in patients with diabetes

Frailty assessment can help predict PCI outcomes

New guideline focuses on management of adults with supraventricular tachycardia

Intensive lifestyle intervention fails to prevent AF onset in diabetes, overweight/obesity

Multiarterial CABG improves long-term outcomes

AHA issues recommendations on infective endocarditis in adults, children

NLA publishes recommendations for lipid management in high-risk populations

Bacterium leads to better metabolic health in adults with obesity

Sexual activity does not increase MI risk

Sodium nitrite infusion improves exercise hemodynamics, cardiac reserve in patients with HFpEF

Meeting News Coverage

Meta-analysis: Long-term DAPT decreases ischemic events in patients with prior MI

Obese patients with HF have decreased generation of BNP

Obesity linked with improved long-term survival after CRT-D implantation

VIDEO: AVOID-HF results leave questions about ultrafiltration benefits unanswered

VIDEO: HFSA symposium offers insight into potential new treatment opportunity for HF

VIDEO: Individualized approach to transitions in care important for patients with HF

Transradial PCI noninferior to transfemoral, results in fewer bleeding events

PARAMETER: HF therapy superior to olmesartan for systolic hypertension in some elderly patients

Septuagenarians should not be routinely excluded from heart transplantation

Tracking, gaming platforms helped patients lower BP

Despite efforts, few US hospitals decrease HF readmission rates

Benznidazole reduces parasite detection, does not improve cardiac deterioration in Chagas’ cardiomyopathy

ABSORB III: Bioresorbable scaffold noninferior to cobalt-chromium stent

Early, sensitive troponin I assessment safe, effective for acute MI diagnosis

Aldosterone blockade fails to improve outcomes in acute MI patients without HF

Age predicts recurrent cerebral ischemia after PFO closure

AVOID-HF: Adjustable ultrafiltration reduces events after HF hospitalization

AUGMENT-HF: LV augmentation improves HF symptoms, functional capacity

HF risk higher, treatment rates lower among patients with HIV

Longer-term IN.PACT SFA data show continued promise for DCB as PAD treatment approach

LEADERS FREE: Polymer-free drug-coated stent superior to BMS in patients with high bleeding risk

Identifying immune system changes in teens can help predict CVD risk in adulthood

Imaging technique identifies early brain damage in adults with hypertension

MANTRA-PAF: 5-year AF recurrence lower with catheter ablation than antiarrhythmic drugs

Efficacy of novel HF drug persists at lower doses

Round Tables

The future of vascular intervention

Trial Scorecards

Trial Scorecard: ROMICAT II

Trial Scorecard: TUXEDO-India

Trial Scorecard: AVOID-HF

Trial Scorecard: ROADMAP

Trial Scorecard: RIVER-PCI

Trial Scorecard: OBTAIN

Trial Scorecard: TEXT ME

Trial Scorecard: RIPHeart