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Business of Cardiology

MACRA implementation brings radical changes to cardiology practice

Joshua D. Liberman, MD, FACC; L. Samuel Wann, MD, MACC

Cover Story

As knowledge base increases, catheter ablation becomes more prominent treatment for AF

FDA News

Insertable cardiac monitor gains FDA approval

Acute stent thrombosis warning strengthened on US bivalirudin label

FDA approves first generic rosuvastatin

MRI-safe CRT-D approved by FDA

MRI-safe pacing system garners FDA approval


USPSTF recommends low-dose aspirin for primary prevention of CV events in certain adults

In the Journals

Healthy diet may reduce hypertension risk in women with gestational diabetes

Shorter telomeres associated with greater risk for MI

Industry payments to doctors linked to increased prescriptions of brand-name statins

Older survivors of MI, out-of-hospital cardiac arrest do not show higher long-term mortality risk

Scientific statement addresses knowledge gaps in CV care of older adults

Metabolic syndrome may increase risk for mild cognitive impairment, dementia

Improving evidence base around carotid testing may reduce use of low-value imaging

Longer durations of rotating night shifts linked to small increased risk of CHD

Biventricular pacing confers improved HF status, quality of life in patients with atrioventricular block

Understanding link between vascular disease, dementia critical for elderly

Unmet nursing care may lead to rehospitalizations for black patients with acute MI

Women with AF live longer than men, but face worse quality of life

Analysis: Pooled-cohort risk equation overestimates CV risk in real-world cohort

STICS: Statin therapy does not impact AF, myocardial injury in elective cardiac surgery

STABILITY: Patients with CHD can reduce risk for MI, stroke with Mediterranean diet

Factors linked to CV health promotion may also protect kidneys

Coronary CTA useful in patients with suspected angina due to CHD

Consensus statement released on CV care of college student-athletes

Meeting News Coverage

Young women face higher ischemic risk after PCI than men

Smartphone-based ECG monitor effective for diagnosing palpitations

PEGASUS-TIMI 54: Long-term ticagrelor benefits patients with history of MI, diabetes, PAD

PROMISE: CTA may better predict events in women than stress testing

Quality initiative linked to reduction in bleeding events in patients undergoing PCI

Robotic PCI feasible, safe in complex coronary lesions

Same day-discharge is safe, comparable with next day-discharge

SOCRATES: Ticagrelor no better than aspirin at improving outcomes after ischemic stroke, TIA

VANISH: Catheter ablation superior to drugs for treating recurrent ventricular tachycardia

RESPOND-CRT: Hemodynamic sensor technology safe, effective for patients with HF, CRT devices

EFFORTLESS: Subcutaneous ICD effective in treating ventricular tachyarrhythmias

Genetic mutations, beyond cholesterol levels, are important for predicting CVD

IMPEDANCE-HF: Device to monitor lung fluid associated with better HF outcomes

COAST: Next-generation orbital atherectomy system tested in patients with severely calcified lesions

AFACT: Patients with advanced AF do not benefit from ganglionic plexus ablation

Among warfarin users, patients with AF at increased risk for dementia

Antiarrhythmic drugs improve survival after witnessed sudden cardiac arrest

Novel DES associated with very low rate of stent thrombosis

Major bleeding risk low in real-world study of high-risk users of rivaroxaban

Moderately elevated BMI in adolescence linked to mortality risk in adulthood

Low-dose alteplase fails to prove noninferiority to standard dose, shows some benefit in stroke

INOVATE-HF: Vagal nerve stimulation does not improve outcomes in patients with HF

LATITUDE–TIMI 60: Losmapimod does not reduce CV events in patients with acute MI

Pharmacology Consult

New pharmacological therapies change management strategy for hyperkalemia

TuTran Nguyen, PharmD, BCPS

Trial Scorecards

Trial Scorecard: AFACT

Trial Scorecard: VANISH

Trial Scorecard: APPOSITION V

Trial Scorecard: EFFORTLESS

Trial Scorecard: SOCRATES

Trial Scorecard: STICS

Trial Scorecard: CE-MARC

Trial Scorecard: TOBA-BTK