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Cover Story

Precision medicine may change management of CVD for cardiologists, patients

FDA News

FDA approves transcatheter heart valve for pulmonic valve replacement

FDA approves open-irrigated catheter for patients with type I atrial flutter

FDA panel supports approval of bioresorbable vascular scaffold

FDA panel does not support approval of implantable cardiac monitor

Gene of the Month

New gene for mitral valve prolapse discovered

Justin Zeien, BS; Robert Roberts, MD

In the Journals

Testing for CRP could identify patients at risk for recurrent stroke

SCAI releases consensus statement on management of cardio-oncology patients in cath labs

Inhaled xenon may reduce cerebral damage after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest

Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy increase later risk for cardiomyopathy

IVC filter use to prevent PE increases while mortality rates decline

Rheumatoid arthritis increases risk for repeat revascularization after PCI

Traditional Chinese exercises may improve CV health, quality of life

Small changes in kidney function may lead to heart, blood vessel damage

Patients with acute MI, cardiogenic shock at elevated risk for poor outcome within 60 days of discharge

Score devised to predict outcomes in asymptomatic patients with aortic stenosis

Positive childhood psychosocial environment may reduce risk for CAC in adulthood

Renal artery calcium associated with hypertension

Radial artery occlusion common after transradial intervention

One-week beetroot juice regimen improves BP, endurance in older patients with HFpEF

New index predicts mortality in bridge-to-heart-transplantation patients

Mothers with prepregnancy dyslipidemia confer high LDL risk to adult offspring

New risk score outperforms existing score for prediction of stroke in patients with AF

One quarter of hospital readmissions potentially preventable

Obesity, oral contraceptive use linked to rare stroke risk

CV fitness may mitigate link between nonpsychotic disorders, stroke

CAC score better predictor than standard risk factors of major coronary stenosis

CV safety of obesity drug still unknown after early trial termination

Enlarged left atrial diameter confers higher risk for CV death in women with AF

DASH diet effective for BP reduction

Warfarin increases intracranial bleeding risk in older adults with AF

Aggressive antihypertensive treatment may cause harm in people with diabetes

ZES shows promise in patients with high bleeding risk

Anxiety confers higher risk for ischemia in women

ATACAS: Preoperative aspirin fails to affect outcomes after coronary artery surgery

Women with obstructive CAD have high rate of angina readmission, adverse events

Exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation reduces CV mortality

Vorapaxar reduces acute limb ischemia in patients with PAD

High consumption of energy drinks linked with ED reports of palpitations

High surgeon, center volume for LVAD implantation may lower in-hospital mortality risk

Greater adherence to in-hospital cardiac arrest guidelines may save more lives

Exercise-induced hypohydration may impair endothelial function

Existing CVD risk equations appropriate for black adults

Industry News

NIH launches public health campaign on link between hypertension, cognition

Meeting News Coverage

Worsening migraines with hormone replacement linked to increased stroke risk in women

Yogurt may reduce hypertension risk in women

VIDEO: SPRINT results show promise in treatment of hypertension, high BP

Ventricular septal defect, aortic valve disease lead to higher adverse maternal outcomes

Violence may increase risk for carotid atherosclerosis in women

Social isolation may worsen functional, mental health in patients with HF

VIDEO: Forward motion in LAA closure research holds promise for improved AF treatment

VIDEO: Emerging percutaneous therapies improve outcomes in HF, cardiogenic shock

High-volume centers yield better outcomes in congenital cardiac catheterization

Implementing AHA guidelines with EMR intervention reduces unnecessary cardiac monitoring

BP app linked with inaccurate readings

Moderate tea consumption may be cardioprotective

Anemia common, tied to adverse outcomes in children with acute HF

Massage helps reduce pain, anxiety after pediatric cardiac surgery

Out-of-hospital pediatric cardiac arrest survival remains poor, similar to adults

Moderate drinking offers some CV benefits, but heavy drinking increases CV harm

Durability of Fontan operation studied in modern single ventricle patients

Migraine with aura linked to cardioembolic, thrombotic strokes

Pharmacology Consult

A look at the new infective endocarditis guidelines

Kaylie Gabur, PharmD candidate; Tadd Hellwig, PharmD, BCPS

Trial Scorecards

Trial Scorecard: IMAGE-HF

Trial Scorecard: ALEVE

Trial Scorecard: IRIS

Trial Scorecard: ZEUS

Trial Scorecard: GAMES-RP

Trial Scorecard: FIND-AF

Trial Scorecard: MONICA

Trial Scorecard: ATACAS