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CV risk similar for second-line diabetes drugs plus metformin

July 27, 2015

Adults with type 2 diabetes using metformin combined with insulin have a similar cardiovascular risk when compared with adults using metformin combined with sulfonylureas, according to research in Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism.

In a population-based case-control study and meta-analysis that included data from an observational study of male veterans with type 2 diabetes using the same combination therapies, researchers found that metformin combined with insulin was associated with no more than a 24% increased CV risk ratio or a 31% decreased risk ratio when compared with metformin combined with sulfonylureas.

Kim Allan Williams, MD

ACC announces new industry sponsor for Diabetes Collaborative Registry

July 25, 2015
The American College of Cardiology announced that Boehringer Ingelheim has become the latest industry sponsor of the Diabetes Collaborative Registry.The registry was…
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Cardiometabolic multimorbidity reduces life expectancy

July 9, 2015
The risk for mortality is similar among patients with diabetes, stroke or MI, but a combination of these conditions was associated with a substantial decrease in life…
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Genetic variant reduces coronary events, increases diabetes risk in familial hypercholesterolemia

June 30, 2015
CHICAGO — A PCSK9 loss-of-function genetic variant was associated with a cardioprotective effect, but increased prevalence of diabetes and prediabetes in patients…
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The Patient With Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

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This CME activity will focus on the diagnosis and management of patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.
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VIDEO: Best CV disease treatment approach for patients with diabetes still unclear

VIDEO: Best CV disease treatment approach for patients with diabetes still unclear

May 31, 2015
SAN DIEGO — Spencer King, III, MD, MACC, of the cardiology department at Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital and…
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Elevated blood glucose linked to early death, other events in patients with acute HF

January 8, 2015
Slight elevation in blood glucose was associated with early mortality, future diabetes and future hospitalization among patients with acute HF, even…

New trial to focus on patients with multiple chronic diseases

January 7, 2015
A new NIH-funded, multicenter, clinical trial will be the first to focus on the management of patients with chronic kidney disease, diabetes, and…
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Glycemic index did not affect CV risk factors, insulin resistance

December 16, 2014
Diets containing foods with low glycemic index of dietary carbohydrate did not help patients with obesity or overweight achieve better insulin…
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Hypoglycemia increased risks for CV events, death in patients with diabetes on insulin

December 15, 2014
Insulin-treated patients with diabetes who experience hypoglycemia are also more likely to experience cardiovascular events and die from any cause…
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Higher insulin dosage for type 2 diabetes may increase mortality risk

December 10, 2014
Patients with type 2 diabetes taking exogenous insulin could be at increased risk for death from all causes, major adverse cardiovascular events and…
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Life expectancy, healthy years likely to diminish with obesity-related diabetes, CVD

December 4, 2014
Obesity could reduce life expectancy by up to 8 years and healthy years of life by up to 19 years due to the effects of type 2 diabetes and…
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Mild CAD increased CV event risk in patients with diabetes

December 3, 2014
Patients with diabetes who have even mild coronary artery disease are as likely to experience a cardiovascular event as those with serious…
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FACTOR-64: CCTA screening for CAD failed to reduce 4-year events in diabetes patients

November 17, 2014
CHICAGO — Screening for CAD by coronary computed tomography angiography did not reduce the composite rate of all-cause mortality, nonfatal MI…
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'Cascade-of-care' displays gaps in US diabetes diagnosis, treatment

November 17, 2014
Using a cascade model to visualize the gaps in awareness of diabetes diagnosis, engagement in care and treatment in the United States, researchers…
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DCB shows promise in femoropopliteal arterial disease, diabetes

November 6, 2014
A drug-coated balloon was safe and effective at 12 months in patients with femoropopliteal arterial disease and diabetes, according to findings…
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