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Web-based information template better informs patients with allergies about immunotherapy

May 29, 2015

After looking at an Internet-based information template about allergies and allergen immunotherapy, participants felt better informed about the process and were more likely to either initiate or complete the therapy, according to study results.

"The results of the present Internet-based survey show clearly that the participants were either not optimally informed about allergic disease and [allergen immunotherapy] by their physician, or had forgotten some of the key information given since their consultation with the physician,” Moises A. Calderon, MD, PhD, director of the Clinical Trials Group, Allergy and Clinical Immunology Division at Imperial College London, and colleagues wrote.

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Pharmacist-managed medication refill clinics ease physician workload

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CMS proposes updated Medicaid, CHIP-managed care regulations

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VIDEO: Expert discusses the biologics of asthma Meeting News CoverageVideo

VIDEO: Expert discusses the biologics of asthma

May 27, 2015
Geoffrey L. Chupp, MD, director of the Yale Center for Asthma and Airways Disease, discusses the biologics of asthma. Chupp says that with drugs in development…
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Systemic inflammation associated with frequent asthma, COPD exacerbations

May 26, 2015
Increases in systemic inflammation predict more frequent exacerbations in patients with asthma as well as airway Interluekin-1β in patients with COPD, according to…
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