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Simultaneous forehead reconstruction, hair transplant may be feasible in transgender surgery

A procedure that included simultaneous forehead reconstruction and hair transplant yielded minimal complications and satisfactory results.

Researchers suggested that the forehead and the hairline pattern are critical to gender identification, and that combined evaluation of these two features could be fundamental to facial feminization procedures. In the current study, they report on a novel sequence that entails reconstruction of the frontonaso-orbital complex and redefinition of the hairline using transplant in the same surgery.

Among 65 individuals undergoing the two-step process, 36 were type II, 22 were type IV and seven were type V. There were no complications reported for the complementary procedures, according to the findings.

The researchers also analyzed the hairlines of 492 individuals. Results indicated that alterations occurred in 78% of those cases. Other data indicated 1489 ± 302 follicular units per strip.

For forehead reconstruction, no serious complications were reported.

Twelve-month follow-up results indicated an average density of 35 to 40 follicular units/cm2. A second transplant session was recommended for nine candidates who had extensive transplant surface area. – by Rob Volansky


Disclosure: The researchers report no relevant financial disclosures.